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The hair industry has changed so much since I started  doing hair in my Mothers Basement salon in the 80s.
I have always loved watching the complete transformation that takes place with the Emails    personal  Anghaircare@yahoo.com  amazing art of hair design.           
I am not influenced by the personal status of my clientele.  From the average hard working student, single mom, or millionaire CEOs, I simply love expressing quality and creativity through my work as a hair stylist.
It is important for me to suite the lifestyle and budget of my client. While some stylists get by with strange accents and  unpractical designs, I choose to let the quality of my work-ship speak for itself. 
My clients often tell me they love sitting in my chair because I'm always educating them explaining everything  I do to  here hair and why. A professional stylist should always pay attention to the needs and concerns of there client.
My future goals are to opening multiple advanced hair training centers, and upscale salons throughout the world.
I firmly believe that expressing your creative side is good, but we must all get to the place where,
I am proud of the list of celebrities and events I've been so blessed to be apart of, but I am most proud of the list of clients, students and employees,who have expressed to me how much I have touched there lives in a positive way.
from helping prostitutes finish school, and gain confidence to build there own careers, to volunteering our salon , Exclusive Hair Care  as support for foundations like Food for the poor, Women in distress and more.
 It is important to me that my staff and clientele know that they work and give there hard earned money to a business that gives back to the community.
I truly believe in being blessed to be a blessing !



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Hair Infusion Class

$ 1500 USD

*Supplies Included with class kit

Interloc Hair Extention Class

$ 350 USD

* Supplies Included with class kit

Net Weave Extentions Class

$ 400 USD

*Supplies Included with class kit

Lacefront Wig Class

$ 800 USD

*Supplies in kit


Class Selections
ALL CLASSES come with complete training in hair and scalp analyzing and consultations. Full class Introductions are given at beginning of every class.  CERTIFICATES are given at the end of each class. Video cameras and recording devices are not  permitted. Free Lunch or snacks will be given with every class. Classes take place every Monday first class at 9am to 4pm second class 5pm to 9pm.  Some classes may be Longer and more detailed and may require student to return for part 2 in order to complete for certification. You will be notified  of this when  you book the class. If  student is required to come to a second class to complete course it will most likely take place the second half of the day  from 5pm to 9pm or  a week apart you can also call for details where it depends on depth of information given in each class. 
Half the amount of total fee must be given upfront VIA certified check money order or cash with registration form submitting. recites will be mailed or sent by email per request. total balance of fee per class must be paid in full day of class before we begin. recites will be given. All students may return to the next class available for free if they feel they need more help in understanding the technique given. However due to class sizes they must get app-oval before day of class by calling, emailing or requesting to return to class again within the first week after they take the class.
Hair infusions have gotten bad press from the stylist who have never taken a class to know how to do this amazing technique correctly. In fact I've had many of clients who love the infusion technique so much they never do anything else to there hair. Hair infusion gives the client the ability to wear there natural hair out and feel free with no bulk,lumps, bumps, thread, braids or limitations to there styling. Once infusions are applied the client can keep her look for years only having to maintain it every 6 to 8 weeks. despite the rumors hair infusions are completely safe and like any other hair extensions must be done to assure the HEALTH OF THE CLIENTS HAIR COMES FIRST!
It is important to know the difference in the type of adhesive used to apply this strand by strand hair extension. many companies sell glue or wax as pre- tip hair. this is totally unsatisfactory. I refuse to use any kind of glues anywhere close to my clients hair or scalp. Some keratin pre-tips slide out of the hair with vigorous brushing swimming or blow drying. We have developed a Patten mixture of keratin with silicone that removes off the hair like a powder. Clients are able to swim work out  even relax and color there own hair with the hair infusion extensions in there hair. the price of the infusions are affordable because we pre tip our own hair, and starts at $500 a service. Some salons charge up to $1500 or more these prices do not include the price of the hair. Free consultations are given prior to every service to assure the colors textures length and amount per service.
Class will consist of understanding how tom analyze each clients hair and scalp. application bricklay, forming a weightline, speed row placements, how to apply relaxers with infusions in, how to apply colors with infusions in, bleavhing with infusions, washing and conditioning infusions, infusion remover, how to make your own pre tips, what kind of hair to use to apply for the best results, confidence in consulting and booking clients. application to really short hair, micro fusions mini fusions styling  infusions, cutting, rollersetting infusions and more.
you have the registration form for this already just add different prices with pictures just separate forms with headings I just gave you to add the correct information based on group or individual rates. go over form with me first to make sure we didn't miss anything please.
and add the following to what you already have on main site
                                                                       SUPPLIES IN CLASS KIT 
                                                                              Pre- tips, fusions remover, grips to remove scissors, application iron, hot box, pretips, note pad, pen, step by step  manual, protective guard , Free  to join back into any class that follows for free without paying again 
CLASS FEE $1500 includes a part 2 needed for certification and its free, given following week.

This interloc Hair extension class is like no other interloc in the business. Its fast easy to remove flat to the head and your clients will love it. this technique is geared more towards ethnic or multi-textured hair. European hair tends to lessen up more quickly so clients will have to return weekly for tightening depending on how many times they wash there hair.
Ethnic clients love this technique and it can last in the hair from 6 to 8 weeks with little to no tightening needed once maintained properly. Price of this service can run client anywhere from $200 to $300 a full head or $30 to $45 a row. There is no braiding no adhesives glues wax or tapes applied with this technique. It is only attached with cotton thread to assure no breakage to the hair at all. 
                                                                 CLASS KIT 
                                                              weaving thread, scissors, mannequin, actual model available, note pads,pens,
                                                       weaving needles, hair for weaving,
                                                                 CLASS FEE $350

This class is great for people who love the security of  hair weave but have thin to no hair in areas of there head. great for all hair types and textures. this technique is a must for any stylist because you never know when you will come across that student who needs some extra help covering tracks and manipulating there style. this class also explains how to make braid less attachments using only thread and the little hair the client may have. you can use any wefted hair with this technique, great for clients who don't have the money to spend on lace wigs. This technique can last up to 2 months and can be tightened and maintained between redoing it regularly every week to two weeks depending on the clients lifestyle. price of Net weave service can be anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on amount of hair loss and detail work. free consultations are always given before service for accuracy in pricing and confirm clients complete satisfaction of service.
weaving needles, professional nets for weaving, mannequin head, scissors, pens,notepads, sample hair for  adding , hair for net weaving, adhesive,   CLASS FEE $400
Lace Wigs and Lace fronts have been around alot longer then many people realize. It started out in the men's hair restoration companies many years ago. designed to give them that natural hairline look. now you can spot the ones that are not made so good a mile away and they are in every beauty supply store. Angela being a master of this technique only trains with the best quality products and total invisible hairlines are a must here. all knotting in these special hand tied systems are bleached to perfection. Consultations and a full analyzing of hair and scalp are always needed prior to any hair extension or replacement service. Forms of clients information as well as details of consultation are always kept as clients personal profile. This technique in attachment starts at $250 for clients who bring in there own piece and van range to $1500 for clients who choose to order higher quality pieces from our salon.
application can be more permanent by sewing on the lace wig and applying adhesive with protection to clients own hairline with protective shields or just applied around hairline with the right protection to clients hairline. protecting the client is always number one. Many salons throw tape and glue to the unit destroying expensive piece or hairline not giving it a chance to grow.  When done correctly client feels completely secure and can wear hair up or in any style they please. lasts up to 2 months but must be maintained every two weeks to assure quality of  hair unit and own hair and scalp.
Class consists of understanding different wig basses and how to apply them all. Also ordering from any company, how to do a tape mold, how to do a plaster mold for silicone wigs and lace wigs. How to measure for accuracy when ordering any type of wig. alopecia, how to solve hair loss, what to do when clients on chemo therapy, how to sew on a full lace wig, how to apply lacefront  to weave technique, how to remove a full lace wig, how to tighten a lace wig, the different types of hair from Indian to indo, yaki and European. how to cut ans style a wig. how to blend areas of clients hair with wigs. How to price your service, where to order the best quality wigs and best priced wigs. every method of attachment for all types of wig base foundations and much more. This class is for the student serious about making money in this business and wants to be the best and educated correctly.
Use picture from main site of lace wig. add the following information to the end of whats already here.   CLASS FEE $800
                                   SUPPLIES in KIT
                                    lace front piece for attachment, hair sample, wig base chart, detail order forms good for all companies. Mannequin head, marker, measuring tape, scissors, two sided tape and tabs,
                                    mold to make any demo for ordering with all companies of choice.
                                   note pads, pens. free entry into following class for refresher course.
This class with train you on the difference between Famaldihyde straightening and non famaldahyde. It will show you details on how to treat curly hair and damaged hair from excess chemicals. How to get the best long lasting results. This class will train you in ethnic and european straightening and the differences. Caring for the hair between treatments. This class will also give you direct connections with  distribution company's who can brand the keratin straightening and daily maintanance products with your own label for detail value that will increase your business


Welcome to our Class of Advanced Hair Extention Techniques & Hair Services ... 

Our Facility also Offers Special Services !

 Our experienced, skilled Instructor works to guide your Inner Stylist through his or her profound journey. Come visit us @ exclusivehairecaresalon.com or fortlauderdalehairsalon.net 

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Stylist will have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of extracurricular Hair Techniques to complement his or her intrest as a Stylist .

We invite you to exclusivehaircare.com  where you can  learn see more about our Advanced Classes, Special Services ,& More !


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